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    When you say writing good English essays is difficult, some might find that misplaced. They assume that good writing requires submission of an assignment perfectly edited and proofread with no linguistic errors. While this is important, quality English essays cover more than that. Therefore, you need to use all available tools and means of learning […]

  • English essay samples

    It is one of the darkest, yet powerful tragedies of the writer. Macbeth’s ambitions are right, but he uses evil to achieve them. Ruthless murders are made for Scottish Lord Macbeth, to stay in power. In his piece Macbeth, William Shakespeare illustrates murder as one of the prevailing themes. An English essay topic may require […]

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    Many students cringe at the thought of writing English essays. Truth be told, without English essay writing tips, this task can be daunting to say the least. This is why at we offer guidelines that students can utilize when writing English essays. Sometimes what you need is just a little direction to help you […]